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  Monday | 2024-07-15
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Gallery :: My antennas

Following pictures clearly represent what my hobby is!

My very first two satellite dishes were each 60 and 65 cm in size. Unfortunatelly I do not have any pictures of those.

The Gibertini was my 3rd satellite dish and also my very first multifeed dish. It had 3 LNB and the size was 85 cm.

The wish for more diversity almost became reality with the Triax Multifocus. This dish has been officially designed to accommodate 4 LNB, but I managed to get a maximum of 8 LNB.

As a huge multifeed fan, I got totally fascinated on the sight of the new WaveFrontier T90! :-)
Quite quickly I decided to buy one. With the T90 I used to have 14 LNB mounted on it.

Now have lots of fun with the pictures!

Important notice!
The pictures of all my satellite dishes are my personal property and may not be copied, shown or linked on some other places without my permission!

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